The Challenge

John Vitti and his team at Versus faced a significant hurdle in optimizing their social media app for better user experience and engagement. The app had parts that were confusing to users, leading to a less effective social media strategy and lower visibility in a competitive market.

The Thynking

Our strategic approach for Versus was threefold:

App Redesign: We identified and redesigned the confusing parts of the app, focusing on user experience to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Social Media Strategy and Design: We developed a new social media strategy, coupled with a fresh design approach to engage the current user base and attract new users.

Public Relations for Enhanced Visibility: Recognizing the need for greater visibility, we implemented a public relations strategy to put Versus on the national stage.

The Fuel

App Redesign Success: The redesign of the app's confusing elements led to a more seamless user experience, resulting in increased user satisfaction and retention.

Revitalized Social Media Presence: Our new strategy and design for social media significantly boosted engagement and attracted a broader audience to the app.

Effective PR Campaign: Through our public relations efforts, Versus gained substantial visibility in national publications, greatly enhancing its market presence.

Impressive Results: Over a 12-month period, our strategies and actions for Versus culminated in over 1 billion impressions, averaging 7-10 significant media hits per month. This level of exposure was unprecedented for the app and marked a major milestone in its journey.

Comprehensive Deliverables

App Part Redesign: Focused on improving user interface and experience.  

New Social Media Strategy and Design: Implemented to increase user engagement and attract new downloads.  

Public Relations (PR): Targeted national publications to enhance visibility.  

Email Marketing: Crafted campaigns to maintain engagement with existing users.  

Brand Book Development: Ensured brand consistency across all platforms.  

Logo Design: Updated to reflect the new direction of the app.  

Sales Funnels and Copywriting: Optimized to convert interest into user engagement.

Through this strategic overhaul, Versus not only improved its app functionality but also significantly expanded its reach and user base. The multifaceted approach of app redesign, innovative social media strategies, and targeted PR campaigns propelled Versus into a new era of growth and success in the highly competitive world of social apps.


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