The Challenge

With childhood obesity at an all-time high and growing at a fast pace, and the challenge of finding healthy food on-the-go, founders Marc Elkman of Fresh Meal Plan and Howard Panes of Logic E Cig set out to build a plant-based kids lunch kit that tasted amazing and was better for you with proteins sourced only from plants and zero animals. The shiny and colorful packaging children crave is often filled with "mystery meat" ingredients that are hard to pronounce and are ultimately not good for you. The plant-based or healthy alternative options on the shelves before Mighty Yum was slim-to-none.Which is why Mighty Yum was created. When they came to us with this problem, describing what was wrong with today’s snacks market for kids, we immediately knew how important it was for the future of our country. They trusted our team to bring this vision to life and turn an idea into a nationally-recognized brand.

The Thynking

Rapid Brand Development: We took on the challenge of building a brand from scratch in under 30 days, focusing on a strong and appealing brand identity that resonated with both children and parents.

Market Launch Preparation: Preparing for a market launch within 90 days, including product development, packaging design, and marketing strategy formulation.

Trade Show Strategy: Planning and executing a trade show launch, positioning Mighty Yum prominently at multiple national locations.

Full-Scope Marketing Strategy: Implementing an integrated marketing strategy encompassing digital advertising, social media, content creation, and email marketing to build a strong online presence.

Ecommerce Platform Development: Developing a custom ecommerce experience on Shopify to facilitate direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales and enhance customer engagement.

The Fuel

Successful Market Entry: Successfully launched Mighty Yum at trade shows across the nation within 90 days of conception, gaining immediate market attention.

Retailer Adoption: Within the first six months, Mighty Yum was picked up by major retailers, a testament to the brand's appeal and market readiness.

Significant Revenue Growth: Generated seven figures in revenue, with a substantial portion coming from direct-to-consumer sales within the first year.

Effective Advertising Campaign: Developed an advertising campaign that consistently achieved a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) above 2.0 and a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of less than $35.

Social Media Success: Grew the brand's social media presence to nearly 40,000 followers across all platforms in less than a year, significantly increasing brand visibility and engagement.Through strategic planning, rapid execution, and comprehensive marketing, Mighty Yum was transformed from a concept into a nationally-recognized brand, effectively addressing the challenge of providing healthier snack options for kids.

Mighty Yum™ was created because serving your kids fast, healthy and yummy meals (that kids actually want to eat!) is frustrating and nearly impossible. That’s why the two founders, experts in health and parents themselves, created Mighty Yum™ to solve this exact problem. We have made it our mission to curate ingredients with such yummy flavors that you wouldn't even believe it's plant-based. Our food is trusted by parents, and our flavors are loved by kids. Mighty Yum™ offers a nutritious twist to your favorite foods and plant-based fun for everyone™! Oh, and our farm friends who we take our kids to visit, love it too.


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