The Challenge

Nobility Settlement Funding was grappling with an outdated image that was affecting its market presence and customer perception. Recognizing the need for a modern overhaul, ThynkFuel was brought on board to rejuvenate Nobility's brand and online presence.

The Thynking

Our strategy was centered on a comprehensive brand refresh, aiming to modernize Nobility's image and improve customer engagement. This involved:

Revitalizing Brand Identity: We focused on creating a fresh, contemporary look for Nobility that resonated with both existing and potential customers.

Redesigning Marketing Materials: Our team aimed to enhance the customer experience by updating all marketing materials, including mailers and welcome packets, to align with the new brand identity.

Expanding Brand Collateral: To further cement the new brand image in the minds of customers, we introduced branded collateral such as hats and pens.

The Fuel

Brand Identity Overhaul: We successfully developed a new brand identity for Nobility, which reflected a more modern, dynamic, and approachable image.

Website Revamp: The new website design provided a fresh online home for Nobility, offering improved user experience and aligning with the new brand image.

Revamped Mailers and Welcome Packets: We redesigned these materials to enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring that every touchpoint reflected the new brand identity.

Positive Customer Reception: The introduction of branded collateral like hats and pens was met with enthusiasm from customers, reinforcing brand loyalty and recognition.

Comprehensive Deliverables

Brand Identity: Developed to modernize and rejuvenate Nobility's image.  

Email Marketing: Created to engage customers with the new brand.  

Brand Book: Ensured consistency across all marketing channels.  

Logo Design: Redesigned to reflect the new brand direction.  

Video Production and Content Creation: Used to promote the brand refresh and engage customers across various platforms.  

Sales Funnels and Copywriting: Optimized to align with the new branding and improve conversion rates.  

Advertising: Strategically crafted to showcase Nobility's new image and offerings.

Through this strategic brand refresh, Nobility Settlement Funding not only updated its image but also enhanced its customer experience and engagement, positioning itself as a modern and customer-centric company in a competitive industry.


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