The Challenge

STUNT, a newcomer in the competitive social media app landscape, faced the daunting task of establishing itself in a market dominated by large, well-known players. The primary challenge was to build a distinctive brand identity from the ground up, generate significant user interest, and drive app downloads in a space crowded with established competitors with much larger marketing budgets.

The Thynking

Rapid Brand Development: We undertook the challenge of creating a complete brand identity for STUNT in under 90 days, encompassing everything from the logo to the strategic messaging.

Digital Presence Establishment:
Developing an engaging website and a dynamic social media presence to build a solid online footprint and connect with the target audience.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Crafting a digital advertising campaign focused on high efficiency, aiming to achieve a low Cost Per Download while maximizing reach and impact.

Nationwide Media Campaign: Launching a nationwide campaign on ESPN radio to enhance visibility and stimulate interest across a broader audience.

Comprehensive Marketing Mix: Integrating various marketing channels including social media, content creation, email marketing, and landing pages to create a cohesive and compelling brand narrative.

he Fuel

Rapid Social Media Growth: Successfully grew STUNT's social media following to over 15,000 within just a few months, significantly increasing the brand's online presence and engagement.

Efficient Advertising Success: Executed an advertising campaign that achieved a Cost Per Download of less than $2, demonstrating high efficiency and impact.

Successful Brand Launch: Established the entire brand, website, email, and social media presence in less than 90 days, ensuring a strong market entry.

Impactful ESPN Radio Campaign: The nationwide ESPN radio campaign was instrumental in boosting app downloads, contributing to over 2,500 downloads as a direct result.

Download Milestone Achievement: Assisted STUNT in achieving their initial goal of 5,000 app downloads within the first few months, marking a significant milestone in their market penetration efforts.

Through strategic branding, targeted advertising, and a mix of digital and traditional marketing efforts, STUNT was able to effectively establish its presence in the social media app market, achieving significant download milestones and building a growing user base.



Brand Identity

Social Media

Content Creation

Landing Page

Email marketing

Digital Advertising


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