happy or not

The Challenge

HappyOrNot, a European leader in customer experience management, aimed to penetrate the competitive U.S. market. The challenge was multifaceted: establishing brand recognition in a new geographical area, enhancing their digital presence to compete with established U.S.-based customer feedback solutions, and differentiating themselves in a crowded market.

The Thynking

Strategic Messaging & Positioning: We tailored HappyOrNot's messaging to appeal to the U.S. market, highlighting their unique selling points and industry expertise.

Website Redesign and SEO: Revamping the website with a focus on SEO to improve visibility and attract targeted traffic.

Social Media and Digital Advertising: Implementing targeted social media and digital advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Email Marketing and Content Creation: Overhauling the email marketing strategy and creating compelling content to engage potential clients and nurture leads.

SEO and Link Building: Strengthening SEO efforts and executing a robust link-building strategy to enhance search engine rankings.

Public Relations and Article Writing: Establishing HappyOrNot as a thought leader through strategic PR and insightful articles, further solidifying their industry authority.

The Fuel

Increased Web Traffic and Revenue: The SEO-focused website redesign resulted in a 15% increase in traffic for strategically targeted keywords, significantly driving up revenue.

Brand Awareness and Engagement: Our social media and digital advertising efforts markedly raised HappyOrNot's brand profile and customer engagement in the U.S. market.

Lead Generation and Client Acquisition: The revamped email marketing and content strategies led to an increase in leads and the acquisition of larger clients.

Improved Search Rankings: Our comprehensive SEO and link-building initiatives culminated in higher search engine rankings, making HappyOrNot more visible to potential customers.

Established Industry Authority: Through our public relations and article writing efforts, HappyOrNot was recognized as a thought leader in the customer feedback solution space.


Website Design

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Social Media

Content Creation

Landing Pages

Email marketing

Digital Advertising


Link Building

Article Writing

Public Relations

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