Art katona

The Challenge

Dr. Art Katona, renowned as the #1 doctor in hair restoration, was facing challenges with an outdated brand and an inefficient strategy for generating leads. The primary goal was to revitalize the brand and enhance lead generation to reflect his top-tier status in the industry.

The Thynking

Our strategy centered on rebranding and repositioning Dr. Art Katona in the digital space to capture the attention of a broader audience. The aim was to create a new, modern brand identity that mirrored his expertise in hair restoration while implementing a robust lead generation strategy. This involved a comprehensive overhaul of his digital presence, including website and content, to make it more appealing and effective in attracting potential clients.

The Fuel

On-Location Content Production: We dispatched a small crew to film and record Dr. Art in action, creating engaging and authentic content for his practice.

Website Development: A new website was built from the ground up, focusing on user experience and lead conversion, effectively increasing sales and online visibility.

Brand Awareness and Email Campaigns: Through targeted email marketing, we managed to drive significant traffic to the landing pages, thereby increasing brand awareness and lead generation.

Comprehensive Branding Package: This included logo design, icon set creation, and brand naming to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand image across all platforms.

Content Creation and Sales Funnels: Our team developed high-quality content coupled with strategically designed sales funnels to guide potential clients through the decision-making process.

Effective Copywriting and Advertising: By employing persuasive copywriting and smart advertising tactics, we further enhanced online engagement and lead generation.

The outcomes of our interventions were multifaceted. Dr. Art Katona's practice experienced a significant boost in brand recognition, with an increase in both web traffic and engagement rates. The new brand image, combined with a strategically revamped digital presence and targeted marketing efforts, resulted in an uplift in lead generation and conversions, solidifying Dr. Art's position as a leading expert in hair restoration. The project exemplified how a well-thought-out rebranding and digital marketing strategy could transform a medical practice's outreach and business growth.


Logo design

Icon set


Photo retouching

Brand naming

Logo Design

Content Creation

Sales Funnels



Email marketing


5-figures New revenue

500% Increase in leads

200% Increased

subscription sign-ups

56 Recurring sign-ups

Results accomplished in 30 days

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