The Challenge

Glamguard, initially known as Curl Collar, faced several formidable challenges that were hindering their market potential. They struggled with an ineffective brand image, a lack of a coherent go-to-market strategy, and minimal presence in the competitive beauty industry. The name "Curl Collar" itself was a limitation, restricting the brand's ability to expand into diverse markets.

The Thynking

ThynkFuel recognized that a comprehensive rebranding strategy was essential. The goal was not just to transform the brand but to create an identity that resonated with a broader audience and allowed for market expansion. The primary objectives were:

Rebranding: Transitioning from "Curl Collar" to "Glamguard" to encapsulate a wider range of products and appeal.

Creating Market Presence: Establishing a strong online and offline presence.

Visibility Enhancement: Increasing brand visibility and customer engagement through strategic channels.

The Fuel

ThynkFuel's strategic approach in rebranding and creating a robust market presence for Glamguard led to a remarkable transformation. The rebranding to Glamguard not only allowed the company to retain its existing market but also to explore new opportunities, thereby setting a strong foundation for sustainable growth and market dominance in the beauty industry.

Innovative Brand Identity: Developing a new brand identity, including a fresh logo and packaging design, to reflect the versatility and elegance of Glamguard.

Digital Transformation: Creating a new Shopify website optimized for user experience and conversions.

Social Media Penetration: Implementing a robust social media strategy, especially leveraging platforms like TikTok, resulting in a rapid growth to 10,000 followers.

Trade Show Strategy: Designing an engaging booth and strategy for trade shows to enhance brand visibility and networking opportunities.

Amazon Launch: Successfully launching the product on Amazon, gaining immediate sales and additional market exposure.


Distinctive Brand Identity

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Comprehensive Brand Book

Creative Packaging Design

Memorable Logo Design

Shopify Website Development

Strategic Content Creation

Effective Sales Funnels

Persuasive Copywriting

Integrated Advertising Efforts

Fully Functional Ecommerce Store


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