Rochester Institute
of Technology - RIT

The Challenge

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) faced a critical situation. Their new program offerings, while innovative, were not receiving the attention they deserved. The underlying issue was the performance of their previous marketing agency, which resulted in a prohibitive cost per lead (CPL) of $900, yet failed to deliver an adequate volume of leads. This inefficiency in marketing spend and lead generation was a significant hurdle in RIT's path to effectively market their new initiatives.

The Thynking

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we devised a strategic plan to reinvigorate RIT's branding and marketing approach:

Brand Reinvention: Our objective was to rejuvenate RIT's brand, subtly yet effectively, aligning it with their long-standing legacy and the dynamism of their new programs.

Strategic Social Media Campaign: We focused on a targeted social media strategy to spotlight RIT's new offerings, aiming to captivate and engage the right audience.

Website Overhaul with SEO Optimization: Launching a newly designed website, optimized with advanced SEO strategies to enhance online visibility and user interaction.

Efficient Ad Campaigns: Implementing a refined ad campaign strategy, with a full-funnel approach and comprehensive A/B testing to identify the most impactful messaging.

The fuel

The implementation of our strategy led to significant achievements:

CPL Reduction: We successfully reduced the CPL to under $60, markedly lower than the previous $900.

Lead Generation Boost: In a span of just six months, we generated nearly 10,000 leads, marking a substantial improvement in lead acquisition.

Robust Social Media Presence: Over 450 pieces of social media content were created, each tailored to engage and inform the target audience effectively.

Website and Technology Enhancement: We upgraded their website to a more advanced server and platform, boosting performance and enhancing the user experience.

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