The Challenge

OS1st faced a significant challenge with the launch of their brand-new sock. Entering the market with no recognition and aiming for a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) campaign, they were at square one with very limited assets. The task was daunting: to stand out in a saturated market within 90 days, targeting an audience completely unknown and different from their established runner demographic. This new product needed not just introduction but distinction to achieve a positive return quickly.

The Thynking

Innovative Campaign Strategy: Understanding that traditional "features-focused" advertising would blend into the background, we opted for a bold approach. We crafted a campaign that was catchy, spunky, and designed to "stop the scroll." Utilizing humor and thought-provoking content, the aim was to captivate and engage.

Audience Identification and Research: A deep dive into market research was essential to uncover who this new audience was. We meticulously identified and narrowed down our focus to three target audiences, including one that was considered a gamble, but promising enough to test.

Landing Page Revitalization: Recognizing that the conversion rate was disappointingly low, we overhauled the landing page. The goal was to enhance user experience and increase conversions, moving well beyond the previous under 1% conversion rate.

Creative and Testing Overhaul: We developed over 25 new ad creative assets for testing, alongside a robust A/B testing strategy. This allowed for extensive experimentation with landing pages, creatives, target demographics, and more, ensuring every element was optimized for success.

The fuel

The results of our strategic overhaul were nothing short of remarkable:

- A 37% increase in sales, showcasing the campaign's direct impact on revenue.

- An astonishing 3200% increase in sales for the new product, indicating the successful introduction and acceptance of the sock in the new market.

- A 185% increase in sessions and a 40% increase in orders, reflecting a significant uplift in website traffic and consumer interest.

- Eight total creatives achieved a ROAS above 1.3, with five surpassing 2 ROAS, demonstrating the effectiveness of the ad content and targeting strategy.

- Overall, we achieved a 1.7 ROAS in just 90 days—a remarkable feat for a brand and product with no prior recognition in a completely new audience.

Our strategic approach not only introduced OS1st's new sock to the market but also established a strong presence, effectively engaging with an entirely new demographic and achieving impressive sales growth.

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