The Challenge

OCEAN, led by celebrity Hannah Ferrier, faced a unique challenge. Despite a significant following and high visibility, the brand struggled with efficiently guiding potential customers through its sales funnel. The primary issues were an outdated online presence and an ineffective marketing strategy.

The Thynking

Our strategy at ThynkFuel was threefold:

Revamping OCEAN's Digital Image: Recognizing the power of a strong digital footprint, we set out to completely overhaul OCEAN's brand identity and website.

Leveraging Hannah's Audience: Using Hannah Ferrier's substantial follower base, we developed strategies to convert her social media followers into active customers for OCEAN.

Redeveloping the Sales Funnel: A crucial aspect of our strategy involved a complete redevelopment of OCEAN's sales funnel, focusing on optimizing emails and landing pages for maximum conversion.

The Fuel

Through the strategic overhaul of OCEAN's brand, the reimagining of its sales funnels, and the implementation of a targeted marketing strategy, we successfully navigated the challenges faced by Hannah Ferrier's vision. This comprehensive approach not only heightened brand awareness but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and course enrollments for OITA.

New Brand Identity and Website: We introduced a modern, nautical-themed brand identity and a user-friendly website, making nautical training more accessible and appealing.

Revamped Sales Funnels: We redesigned the sales funnels, including email sequences and landing pages, to streamline the customer journey and improve conversion rates.

Robust Marketing and Content Strategy: Our comprehensive marketing approach, coupled with engaging content and targeted email campaigns, significantly enhanced brand visibility and awareness.


Brand Identity and Sub Logo Design: A complete makeover to resonate with a diverse audience.  

Redeveloped Sales Funnels: Focused on optimizing customer experience and increasing conversions.  

Email Marketing and Brand Book: Ensuring consistent, effective communication and branding across all channels.  

Animated Icon Set and Website Design: To improve online engagement and user experience.  

Content Creation and Copywriting: Developing compelling narratives to engage and inform potential customers.  

Advertising: Executing targeted advertising campaigns to expand reach and customer base.


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