The Challenge

LAUNCH, a pioneering force in the live entertainment industry, recognized the need to modernize and rejuvenate their brand. The goal was not just a simple facelift but a comprehensive rebranding that would resonate with contemporary audiences and reflect the dynamic nature of live entertainment.

The Thynking

Our strategy for LAUNCH focused on a holistic transformation of their brand image. This included:

Comprehensive Brand Redesign: Recognizing that LAUNCH's identity needed a fresh, modern feel, we planned a complete overhaul of their brand elements.

Enhancing Digital Presence: Understanding the importance of a robust online footprint in the entertainment industry, we set out to create an engaging, user-friendly digital experience.

Multi-Channel Marketing Approach: To maximize reach and impact, we designed a strategy that encompassed various marketing channels, focusing on driving traffic and increasing brand visibility.

The Fuel

Through this strategic overhaul, LAUNCH successfully transformed its brand image, aligning it with the evolving landscape of live entertainment. The combination of a fresh brand identity, a strong online presence, and a multi-faceted marketing approach led to increased brand awareness and a significant boost in audience engagement.

Reimagined Brand Identity: We introduced a vibrant, contemporary brand identity that truly captures the essence of live entertainment.

New Website and Landing Pages: Developed a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website along with multiple landing pages, each tailored to different aspects of LAUNCH's offerings.

Strategic Email Campaigns: We initiated targeted email marketing campaigns to effectively communicate with and engage LAUNCH's audience.

Robust Content Strategy: Our approach included creating compelling content that resonates with the audience, thereby enhancing brand engagement.


Brand Identity and Logo Design: A complete rebranding to reflect a modern, dynamic image.  

Email Marketing and Brand Book: To ensure consistent branding and effective communication across all platforms.  

Video Production and Content Creation: Creating engaging multimedia content for various platforms.  

Sales Funnels and Copywriting: Optimizing the customer journey from awareness to conversion.  

Advertising: Implementing targeted advertising strategies to expand LAUNCH's reach and audience base.


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