The Challenge

Dawn Kirk's coaching business was facing stagnation due to an outdated brand image and messaging. The existing brand failed to resonate with the evolving market demands, leading to decreased engagement and online visibility. The primary challenge was to reinvigorate the brand, making it more relevant, engaging, and visually appealing to attract a broader clientele.

The Thynking

Our strategy was to undertake a comprehensive rebranding of Dawn Kirk's business. This included developing new messaging that aligned with modern coaching trends, a refreshed look and feel to appeal to a contemporary audience, and revamping the online presence for greater impact. Our goal was to create a brand identity that not only reflected Dawn Kirk’s expertise and values but also stood out in the competitive coaching landscape.

The Fuel

The outcome of our strategic approach was a complete transformation of Dawn Kirk's coaching business. The fresh brand image, coupled with the revamped digital presence and targeted marketing efforts, resulted in increased brand awareness, higher website traffic, and a more robust online identity. This rebranding not only refreshed the business's image but also positioned it for future growth and success in the competitive coaching industry.

Revitalized Brand Identity and Messaging: We developed a new brand identity, complete with a sub logo design and a cohesive brand book, which resonated with the target audience and clearly communicated Dawn Kirk's unique coaching proposition.

E-commerce Store Enhancement: The Shopify development ensured a seamless and engaging online shopping experience, encouraging more clicks and interactions on the website.

Effective Packaging Design: The new packaging design played a crucial role in enhancing brand visibility and appeal.

Optimized Sales Funnels and Copywriting: By refining the sales funnels and employing persuasive copywriting, we significantly improved the conversion rates.

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns: Our email marketing strategies were tailored to reach and engage potential clients, driving traffic and interest in the coaching services.


Sub logo design

Email marketing

Brand Book

Packaging Design

Logo Design

Shopify Development

Photo retouching

Sales Funnels


Ecommerce Store


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